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Want to relax? Meditate? Learn faster? Focus attention? Increase your awareness? Try self-hypnosis? Just put on the earphones and let BrainWave Tuner turn you on.
* 2009 HANDANGO Championship Award â€" Best Health/Fitness App *
Brainwave Tuner is a brain wave stimulation application that generates tones with binaural beats, which can change your brain frequency towards the desired state, be it relaxation or enhanced attention.
Version 2.4 (June 29, 2010)
1. New function added: play time is extended from maximum 60 mins to infinite
2. Chinese version is added: automatically readjust the language according to the device language
3. More Apps are classified into 3 main categories: Utility, Health and Lifestyle
4. Other minor improvements
16 Preset Sound Patterns are included in Brainwave Tuner (6 Patterns are included in Lite version):
- Headache Therapy: Helps alleviating headaches with mix of steady low tones.
- Meditation: Helps attaining a meditative state of mind quickly. The effect will be better with no noise background or other special effects.
- Schumann Resonance: Helps meditating with a steady 7.83Hz tone. This is the resonance frequency of the Earth’s magnetic field, making it a very natural meditation frequency.
- Sleep Induction: Gently moves the brain frequency down to 3Hz, with a fadeout at the end.
- Relaxation: Helps to relax with a basic sweep from regular beta activity(15Hz) down to 7Hz. The end of the sweep is emphasized slightly with a louder volume.
- Self-hypnosis: help getting into a self-hypnotic state. The user should listen to the repeating sound and concentrate on it. The key to successful self-hypnosis is in being able to concentrate on the sound.
- Attention Increase: Helps focusing attention by bringing the brain to a high beta frequency. The frequency is lowered briefly once every 15 seconds to keep the brain more receptive.
- Creativity Enhancing: Induces a state of enhanced creativity with three varying theta tones.
- The Awakened Mind: Attempts to induce a brain state which is described as being beyond normal meditates states, being characteristic to advanced mediators.
- Quick Mental Refresher: Quick way of refreshing mentally. Brings the brain frequency down to 10Hz. At the end, brings the frequency back up to 15Hz, then fades away.
- High Frequencies: Generates very high-frequency sounds which, according to some sources, should improve general health. Should be listened to with loud-speakers, not headphones.
- Learning Aid I (for subliminal): Helps to learn and memorize new material when listened to while learning something. Subliminal programming tapes can be played with this preset in the background.
- Learning Aid II (for studying): Helps to learn and memorize new material when listened to while learning something.
- White Noise-Ocean Waves: This preset demonstrates the most basic noise-modulation effect: ocean waves.
- White Noise-Shoveling Sand: The "left-to-right" is achieved by using noise modulated with an irregular modulation phase of -30 degrees. To get the sound reversed (right-to-left), use a modulation phase of +30 degrees.
- White Noise-Rain and Windshield Wipers: The unique right-left-right effect is achieved by using modulation that has a phase of 180 degrees and the "Noise source inside the head" setting.

Compatible Devices

AcerX960, V750/V755, S60, S50, S10, Pro80, D77, Acer S100 (Liquid)
HTCTattoo, Nexus One, Magic, Legend, Droid Eris, Dream, Desire
LGLU2300, GW620, GT540
MotorolaXT800, XT720, Moto MB300 (Backflip), Milestone, MB300 (Backflip), MB200 (Cliq), Devour
SamsungSGH T939 (Behold2), Moment, GT I9000 (Galaxy S), GT i7500 (Galaxy), GT i5700 (Galaxy Spica)
SonyEricssonX10i (Xperia X10)
T-MobilePulse, myTouch 3G Slide, G2 Touch, G1

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