FilmFest Frameline34 San Francisco International LGBT Film Festival

FilmFest Frameline34 San Francisco International LGBT Film Festival
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"Films Movies Flix Flicks - call it by any name - we just love them! FilmFest™: A festival in your Pocket™; proudly presents Frameline34: The San Francisco International LGBT Film Festival iApp.
The FilmFest™ Frameline34 iApp is your showcase to the best and boldest LGBT films from around the world.
Each year Frameline proves to be a truly international festival, and this year is no exception. Frameline34 will screen over 200 films from 30 countries, including Nepal, Singapore, South Korea, Australia,, the Philippines, the Bahamas, Puerto Rico, Tunisia, Northern Ireland, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and every country in Scandinavia!
The FilmFest™ iPhone festival pocket guide is your ticket to exploring each of the screenings, parties, panel discussions and networking events will be happening at venues all over town for ten days and nights of Frameline34.
FilmFest is a simple, easy to use pocket guide to all the films in this year's Festival.
InterAct™ and explore each of the festival's titles -- from the shortest of shorts, documentaries, US and World Cinema, it's all here right here in this app."

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