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VITO QuickContact is a contact manager for your Pocket PC, that includes everything you need to call your contacts, input phone numbers and search people in your database. QuickContact allows you to stay connected on the go and dial any numbers without even touching the stylus! QuickContact is designed to enable one-handed control, using only your joystick.

VITO QuickContact will always be there when you need it: While driving with one hand on the steering wheel, you will easily find the necessary contact details of your business partner.While answering an important phone call in the office, you may quickly dial your manager to break him urgent news asap. With heavy bags after a long shopping day, use one finger to call your husband and ask him to pick you up.When going in for sport like bicycling, you will only need one hand to make a phone call or look at the necessary contact details on-the-go.In case of emergency when you can’t use both hands, VITO Quick Contact will only need one of your fingers to help you out.

VITO QuickContact offers three additional search panels besides standard keyboard to find necessary contacts way too quicker and easier. Just press the left softkey to switch between the search panels: Search panel with boxes:
In this mode you manage your contacts by filling the boxes at the bottom of the screen with letters to find a necessary contact.Press Up and Down buttons on your joystick to quickly scroll the list of contacts page by page.Press Right to select the first letter of the upper contact displayed on the screen.Go on pressing Right or Left to select and unselect first 5 letters of a contact name; they appear in the boxes. Press Up or Down to change the last letter in the boxes.After you have selected some letters of a contact name, QuickContact will mark only contats that contain this sequence of letters.Press the action button and then Up or Down to switch between the marked contacts.Press once again to choose a contact. Diamond panel: Press Up, Down, Right, Left on your joystick to filter contacts by choosing certain letters and number.Press double Left to cancel (C) previously selected letters and numbers one by one.Press & Hold C (Left > Left & Hold) to cancel the filter altogether. Another way to do it is to tap the upper right arrow.Press & hold # to enter * (Right > Right & Hold).Press & hold 0 to enter + (Down > Down & Hold).QuickContact displays only the contacts that contain the chosen sequence of letters.Press the action button to switch between selected contacts.Input a phone number by selecting the buttons with corresponding numbers and double press action button to dial this phone number. You can also do it by tapping the phone receiver icon in the upper left corner. Touch panel:
Just tap on these onscreen buttons with you finger to find a contact like on a Smartphone - you can't miss these buttons!Tap & Hold the down left arrow or the arrow in the upper right corner to remove all entered numbers and letters.Tap & Hold 0 to input +Tap & Hold # to input *Tap the icon in the upper left corner or double press action button to dial entered phone number Useful features: full compatibility with standard contacts (all default options supported)adding new contactssorting contacts by first or last name adjustable fonts

press the Green and Red buttons to open and close QuickContact immediately call found contact with Green Button press view history of last 50 calls view, add, edit contacts both on sim card and phone book when creating a new contact on sim QuickContact automatically inserts selected number from the history list new cool icons for contacts on sim card and phone as well as for incoming, outgoing and missed calls in history new version of QuickContact can filter contacts in two different languages simultaneously it also supports all Europena languages send us your request to search contacts in your own language

Pocket PC Phone Edition with Windows Mobile 5.0/ Windows Mobile 2003

Purchasing VITO QuickContact, you receive one year of free updates and support. If you have any questions regarding registration and update policy, please contact

Compatible Devices

GenericWindows Mobile
HPiPAQ HW6500, iPAQ H6300 series
HTCGemini, 2125 (Faraday)
O2XphoneII, xda-orbit, Xda mini, Xda IQ, Xda IIs, Xda IIi, Xda II, Xda exec
QtekXda II, 9090, 9000, 8080, 8010
VodafoneVPA Compact IV (Herald/Wing/Atlas)

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